Matthew Dale

Seattle, WA ·

Hi, I'm Matt, welcome to my homepage. I'm a software developer living in Seattle, WA looking for exciting engineering challenges in big data and streaming data systems, especially using Golang.

After hours and on the weekends, I like practicing boxing, swing dancing, or getting out of the city and into an ocean kayak!


Staff Software Engineer

Sift Science
  • Improved scalability of GDPR compliance systems that evaluated over 500 billion records weekly.
    • Removed artificial concurrency limits in Airflow DAG structure, replacing them with flexible parallelism limits using Airflow task pools.
    • Experimented with rewriting Apache Crunch ETL jobs as Spark ETL jobs to improve reliability on Google Cloud Dataproc.
  • Helped reduce team’s average weekly alerts by 50% by implementing quarterly operational excellence reviews and specifying improvement action items.
  • Split monolithic Gradle projects into smaller subprojects to exclude unnecessary dependencies and shrink various JAR sizes by over 150Mb.
Apr 2020 - Present

Staff Software Engineer
  • Built and maintained analytics systems for search user engagement and content quality.
    • Built and optimized Spark jobs to join millions of disparate search logs to build unified datasets used to optimize search results and increase user engagement.
    • Optimized Looker data models to reduce dashboard refresh times by 80%.
    • Collaborated with the search content team to plan and implement a quarterly roadmap of content quality metrics and insights.
  • Migrated ad attribution logic and data, including over 50 billion historical records, into the Branch attribution systems to support a product acquisition and customer migration.
    • Built Spark jobs to filter out unnecessary data from billions of attribution logs, reducing the overall import data volume by over 30%.
    • Implemented an on-call review strategy that exposed common failures of the high- availability ad attribution pipeline, resulting in a sustained reduction in on-call pages.
Oct 2018 - Jan 2020

Software Engineer 4

Dec 2017 - Sep 2018

Software Engineer 3

Dec 2015 - Dec 2017

Software Engineer

  • Subject-matter expert and technical leader for the Go programming language at TUNE.
  • Owned the migration of a high-volume web service from AWS EC2 hardware to shared and autoscaled AWS ECS hardware, saving over $20k/month.
  • Owned development and deployment of an AWS SQS message packing library that reduced SQS API call frequency by over 50%, saving over $20k/month.
  • Coordinated the application update component of a data deletion project that reduced DynamoDB storage cost by over $200k/month.
  • Researched Go scheduler performance, focusing on avoiding the pitfalls of Go's semi- preemptive scheduler, and delivered findings in a presentation at a Seattle Go Meetup.
May 2014 - Dec 2015

Software Development Engineer

Amazon (Prime Video)
  • Created and supported a new video ingestion platform for Prime Video, capable of ingesting and analyzing over 150 TB of video content per day.
Jan 2013 - May 2014

Associate Member Technical Staff

Oracle (formerly Vitrue)
  • Developed features for and supported the Publisher product, a social media marketing automation and management cloud application.
Sep 2011 - Dec 2012


Southern Polytechnic State University

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science
August 2009 - May 2011

Georgia Institute of Technology

August 2005 - May 2009


  • SQL
  • RegEx
  • Adept with Git source control manager.
  • Experienced participating in and establishing iterative development practices.


A domain name registrar cross-shopping web app written in Go.

Apple Maps-based web app for tagging and viewing manual transmission cars near you. See code at

Package universal provides interfaces for expressing message processing logic and utilities that simplify building and running message processing applications.

A simple, fast implementation of a promise in Go.

Package fnplot plots input/output values for arbitrary functions on a 2D grid.

Open Source

Contributed changes necessary to make Lab development possible on Windows.

Contributed a performance patch that prevents the need to repeatedly uncompress the embedded contents and adds unit test coverage.

Contributed a driver for the Hitachi HD44780 character LCD controller.